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15 June 2008 @ 12:00 am
Introducing Ourselves  
Welcome to the home of FenceSitter Films on LiveJournal.

Fencesitter Films was founded on the belief that films don't need straight white men as heroes in order to be successful and entertaining.

We are committed to telling the stories not seen in mainstream films, producing creative, innovative, entertaining and profitable films from the Feminist, African-American and Queer perspectives.

We foster the projects of writers, directors and actors who value these viewpoints, providing a voice thru the medium of those thirsting to explore alternative points of view.

I am Kyle Schickner a film producer, writer, director, actor, a bi-identified LGBT rights activist and the founder of FenceSitter Films.

While attending college at Rutgers University in the mid 90's, inspired by hearing a talk given by pioneering bisexual rights activist Lani Ka'ahumanu, I too was inspired to become more of an activist in my LGBT Community. But when I sought out my campus' Gay and Lesbian organization, I knew I was bisexual, but those who ran the club didn’t believe it. So I formed BIAS (Bisexuals Achieving Solidarity) the first college bisexual rights group in the United States. And later went on to appear on CNN, Montel Williams, Jane Pratt and several other national television shows, helping to give visibility to what was at that time (and still is to some extent) a largely invisible community.

I ended up dropping out of college to start Off-Off-Broadway theater company, Fencesitter Productions. Based out of the Stanford Meisner Theater, in New York City's Chelsea neighborhood the company produced four successful plays, three of which I wrote.

Then in hope of reaching a wider audience, in 1995 I moved out to Hollywood and FenceSitter Films started production on 'Rose by Any Other Name...', a film based on the most successful play. I wanted to make films that a person of color, a woman, or a bisexual person would enjoy watching. And so far (despite some notable battles about this novel idea along the way) I have been succeeding. FenceSitter Films has made several Films including:

o Steam (2007)
o Paradise Lost (2006)
o Strange Fruit (2004)
o Full Frontal (2001)
o Rose by Any Other Name . . . (1997)

as well as Commercials and Music Videos.

Now we have decided to update 'Rose By Any Other name . . .' to the present day and morph it into a weekly TV series, but while major studios are interested as usual they find my content is a little provocative. So we have started filming anyway and while the studios wrestle with the idea of romantic comedy where people meet, date and maybe even fall in love with each other regardless of gender, we will start broadcasting it on the web using FenceSitter Film's YouTube Channel.

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